Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holy Ghost Lesson

To pass off a Faith in God "Living the Gospel" requirement, we tackled a lesson about the Holy Ghost. With our newest girl just being baptized a couple weeks ago, this was a perfect opportunity to remind the girls of the gift they received upon their confirmation.

We talked first about gifts they may have received for their baptism: a new dress, some scriptures, a CTR ring, or a letter from a parent. Then one girl was presented with a gift she was invited to open. Inside she found a super-hero cape emblazoned "HG" -- it was her gift of the Holy Ghost. With this gift, she -- and all of the baptized girls -- have with them the Power of the Holy Ghost.

The girls completed this worksheet that reviews what it means to have the Power of the Holy Ghost:
- Talks to my heart (as opposed to an audible voice that talks to your ears)
- Gives me ideas
- Brings peace
- Burns in my bosom (a phrase often used in scripture; explain what this means)

However, just like some gifts you get come with rules (e.g. you can only play with your video game for an hour a day; if you are given a cell phone, you have to limit your minutes and follow your family's rules), the gift of the Holy Ghost comes with rules. To be able to use this gift, you must:
- Be obedient
- Listen carefully
- Act on what you are told

We completed the worksheet, put it in our binders, and marked the scriptures outlined in the Faith in God book:
- John 14:16-17
- 2 Nephi 32:5
- Moroni 10:5

We held this lesson in the fall -- so the Girly Ghost craft was a fun follow-up and take-home reminder for what they'd learned.