Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shrinky Dink Charms

We made these charms as Mother's Day keychains, but you'll see all kinds of possibilities for fun projects!

Purchase Shrinky Dink paper from a craft store (I found it at Michael's, about $6 for 10 sheets). Some blogs say you can use recycle plastic #6 (like clear salad containers), but I haven't tried it.

To save time, cut out the shapes before the activity. We used two circles and one tag shape per keychain. Cut 2-inch circles with decorative-edge scissors. Trace a gift tag (about 1.5 x 3 inches) for the larger piece. Use a regular paper punch to place a hole about 1/8" from the edge. (Too far from the edge, and you'll have a hard time attaching the split ring.)

Write and color on the charms with colored pencils or permanent markers. Bake at 300 degrees for 3 minutes and let cool.

Attach charms to split ring findings and thread onto keychain ring.

YW version
Write the name of each value in marker and color the full charm in the matching value color. After shrinking, attach charms to split rings then a 2-3" chain. Put a lobster claw finding at the top of the chain so the charm grouping can be attached to a necklace, purse or scripture zipper pull.

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