Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year Resolutions

I set a goal this year to be a little more organized for Activity Days -- and that led to helping the girls set their New Year goals, too. For our first January activity, we talked about what it means to make a resolution (a big goal) and how we take lots of small steps or goals to get there.

The girls completed a New Year Resolution worksheet with six things they want to work on this year -- all tied into their Faith in God goals.

Daily Faith goals are things the girls want to get better at all year long. For example: pray night and morning, read scriptures daily, go to church every week, etc.

Articles of Faith goal was a personal decision about how many of these to memorize this year.

The rest of the goals (Learn and Live the Gospel, Serve Others, Develop Talents, Prepare for YW) may be selected directly from the Faith in God book if desired, or are original ideas in these topics.

After the girls wrote their goals on the worksheet (which I put in individual Activity Day binders), they transferred the goals onto a New Year Blower to take home.

We took a photo of each girl with her blower; once printed, the photo goes on her worksheet in the binder as a reminder of our activity.

To make the New Year Blower:
Fold a piece of patterned scrapbook paper in half. Cut out a wedge shape and glue the two pieces together to create a double-sided piece.

Cut a 2" strip of white paper using scalloped-edge scissors. Glue this on the wide end of the blower piece with the scalloped edge facing the middle. Trim away extra white paper. Do the same for the narrow end of the blower, but overlap only 1/2" of the scalloped edge to make the "mouthpiece."

Cut a 2" long piece of colored crepe paper. Fringe the edges on one side (don't cut all the way through). Tape the crepe paper, fringed edge extending 1-1/2" beyond the wide end, to the back side of the blower.

Cut a 2" x 8-1/2" stip of white paper. Tape one end to the wide end of the blower on top of the crepe paper.

Write New Year goals on the white strip. When complete, wrap the long end of the white strip around a pencil tightly, then release. The paper will curl up like a new year noisemaker.

The girls were excited to take these home and put them in their journals, tape them to their mirrors or bulletin boards, etc.

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