Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Articles of Faith Memory Cues

Long, long ago in a Primary far, far away, I had a dedicated Primary chorister who taught us all the Articles of Faith using the really weird melodies found in the Primary songbook. I still remember them to this day thanks to the music. But I'll admit, some of the tunes just aren't that catchy.

Instead, we're working on some of our own memory devices for memorizing the Articles of Faith. The genesis of the idea came from another blogger; these have been made our own.

Each month we learn or review the Article of Faith number associated with the month (1 for January, 2 for February, etc.). This keeps everyone in the loop, no matter how new they are to Activity Days. To learn number 13, we do a special activity (more on that later).

Here are downloadable copies of each Article of Faith and its memory cues. We keep a printout of each in the girls' binders so they can refer to them every activity.

1st Article of Faith cues

2nd Article of Faith cues

3rd Article of Faith cues

4th Article of Faith cues

5th Article of Faith cues

6th Article of Faith cues

7th Article of Faith cues

8th Article of Faith cues

9th Article of Faith cues

10th Article of Faith cues

11th Article of Faith cues

12th Article of Faith cues

13th Article of Faith (No cues right now; we use the Primary song)


  1. I loved your first article of faith memory cue, but can't seem to get to the other articles of faith? Will they be posted?

    1. Merrill, Apologies for such a delayed reply. For some reason your comment did not appear for me until now. I have updated most of the Article of Faith cues now; just two more to come. Thanks for checking in! Christy

  2. Thank you! I really like this idea, but only the first one has a link to it. Would it be possible to get the others? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie, I have updated most of the Article of Faith cues now; just two more to come. Thanks for visiting! Christy

  3. This comment may be duplicated -- I apologize if that happens. I love your Article of Faith cues! I was downloading them and printing them out to use on Activity Day and I couldn't get a link to Article of Faith #7. I hope you are still checking this blog so hopefully you can fix this. Thank you, Candace

  4. Oh dear -- same problem with Article of Faith #13.